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Hand Sanitizer Donations






We're pledging 100% of the contributions towards the production and distribution of hand sanitizer and support to our local community in need.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have for the time being ceased production of Alphabet Vodka. 


We are now shifting our focus to the production of hand sanitizer and collaborating with Centennial Spirits in an effort to address the severe shortage within our communities and across the country. 


Alphabet Hand Sanitizer will be produced to meet the FDA and WHO specifications and distributed to our First Responders, Essential Employees, and the general public. 


We will be packaging our Hand Sanitizers in a variety of sizes ranging from small individual bottles, to bulk sized containers for larger institutions.


As a Small Business, we must do what we can to ensure the success and future of our company, but at the same time we are very thankful that we have the equipment and ability to source the ingredients needed to fulfill a need that plays a very important role in the fight against this Global Pandemic. As many more Distilleries are transitioning production from Spirits to Sanitizer to help with the shortage, we look forward to doing so as well so that we may do our part to help serve and protect our communities.

if you are a business in need, or know a business or non profit. Please contact us at

We thank you for your ongoing support!

S & W Bottle
First Student
Boys and Girls Club
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